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Who would believe that these two people would achieve great things in the field of triathlon?

I could barely recall how they were whenever we go on an outing. Both of them just by the shore, enjoying the beauty of the…sand. And now, they could swim on the farthest part of the sea. It is really amazing and awe inspiring how they were able to conquer their fears of the water and how they are now reaping the results of it.

My brother is now a full pledged member of the National Triathlon team. And considered also as one of the best Junior triathlete of the country.


My sister, the youngest to join the swimming varsity team of their school, at the age of 7, is a well recognized triathlete among the kids of her age now. She has been recognized as well in their school for her exemplary performance. A STCAA qualifier and a Triathlete.


These two have made their names known on their own and we can’t get any more prouder than we already are.

Best of luck to you two. We are just always here for you both.